Women’s Self Defense against Jerks and Rapists

Women’s Self Defense against Jerks and Rapists

What is Women’s Self Defense?

Women’s self-defense is a tool box of psychological, verbal, and physical methods that you as a woman can use to defend yourself from physical or verbal harassments that could lead to emotional or physical safety. The emotional safety deals with fear. If you are fearful of someone or a situation, you take away from your daily life activities to avoid that scene. Physical safety could include violations or harm to your body, up to and including rape, molestation, bodily harm, or death. Women’s self-defense training helps you to set up boundaries in both the physical and verbal world in which you live and work. Tips and tools of women’s self-defense can let you live, work, and play with more self confidence and the total absence of fear.

An example of emotional safety is when that certain jerk in the office keeps asking you out even though you he knows that you are not interested. Those leering glances or smart remarks are not wanted. He seems to ignore polite requests for him to stop. You start avoiding the department in which he works. You wait until he leaves before you go out to the car or leave work missing hours as you race to the vehicle to avoid him.

You may even take the stairs instead of the elevator just to avoid this harasser. It is not fair for you to adjust your life to avoid something that is wrongly being done to you. Women’s self-defense will teach you how to verbally confront this person so that he feels uncomfortable and will leave you alone. Tell him loudly enough for other people to hear you, for him to leave you alone or you will report him to human resources. If this does not stop him, then report him.

An example of physical safety is just that. You are being compromised physically and you have to do something to escape harm. Women’s defense will teach not how to kick an attackers butt, but will teach you how to fend him off long enough to get away or get help. If you know you are about to be harassed or attacked, a whistle blast is enough to scare some attackers away. They see women as an easy target and usually are not afraid. They do fear getting caught or getting arrested. A loud blast from a whistle can cause the attacker to stop or run away.

The last thing they want is to be seen by other people than your self. If the attack is more physical women’s self-defense will teach you some self-defense moves to ward off or disable the attacker long enough to get away or to get help. A simple kick to the groin can leave an attacker disabled and in pain. Women’s self-defense courses also teach you to use weapons like your purse or umbrella to ward off the would be assailant. Women’s self-defense courses are cheap and easy attended. Without these skills the violent men of the world are stilling your right to live a free, violent free life.

Women’s Self Defense and Rape

Learn to spot aggression and get away from.

There are many women’s self-defense courses that try to give you the skill and techniques you will need to protect you against rape. The Rape Aggression Defense is a system that advocates realistic women’s self-defense methods. The three pinnacles that the program offers is awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance. Once these principles have failed, the program uses a hands-on system of protection. The program is designed to give women the choice of how to act and how to implement pre-rape behavior which will give the woman a tool box of options in which she could choose from. This is not a martial arts program.

One thing that Rape Aggression Defense teaches is that you have to know what cause the desire of rape and the predicaments that you can avoid to reduce your chance of rape. Somebody jumping out of the bushes and attacking you is one of the least occurring scenarios you happen in the real world. Most rapes come from family members, husbands, boyfriends, or the guy you just met in the nightclub. Rape is usually not a first response action. The perpetrator will make a planned attempt that is usually a long or short term decision to take what is not given to him. Women’s self-defense is the ability to know what actions and words will prevent the potential rapist from making his moves.

Women’s self-defense program like Rape Aggression Defense will tell you that wearing revealing clothing will cause an attempt against you. This is true, but you shouldn’t have to not wear what you want to because you are afraid of being raped. Use common sense and awareness. If you want to wear a short skirt or low cut blouse to a cocktail party or a nightclub, wear it. Just be aware of where you are and where you will have to go when you want to go home. Have fun at the club, but when it is time to go home ask a close friend or an employee to walk you to your car. That late at night you do not want to walk outside alone. Check your back seat and have your friend stand there until you are safely in your car and on your way.

Avoid dark places like alleys or parking behind a building especially at night. The more visible you are the less likely you are to be attacked. Be aware of your surroundings. Look who is walking behind and in front of you. Women’s self-defense programs like the Rape Aggression Defense will tell you that without awareness you are putting yourself at serious risk. If you do end up in the position where you are being attacked, women’s self-defense will then demand that you become physical. Do not put your life at risk, but use the hands on defense you have learned to disable your attack so that you may run away. Be loud. Scream as loud as you can.

This could be enough to scare away the potential rapist. Use your head and take women’s self-defense courses like Rape Aggression Defense.

 Why Women Self-Defense is Needed More Today than Ever Before.

Crime is on the rise and the crimes are against women are rising at an alarming rate. Women are being assaulted both in rural and urban areas so much women’s self-defense is becoming an interest to both law enforcement officials and women’s advocate groups. Women need to know how to defend themselves and how to protect themselves from diverse situations that could cause harm or even death. If a woman chooses not to defend herself, her possessions, sexual virtues, and even life could be at stake. The statistics show if a man is walking down the street alone and a woman is walking down the same street, the woman has an 80% more chance of being attacked, robbed, or raped than a man. The question is why?

Women have been traditionally known as the weaker sex. Most assaulters are men and they see women as an easy target. Why choose a man to rob when he is likely not only to defend himself, but would also slow down the assault and get away. Women are the logical choice for the criminal activity because most women would succumb to the assaulter’s wishes because of smaller stature and less strength. Women were protected in the past by society’s rules and a sense of chivalry. Not that chivalry is dead everywhere, a woman has more chance to be assaulted in today’s society then they would have twenty years ago.

Women’s self-defense is more important today because women have been devalued at the street level in today’s society. Most rap videos portray women in a way that they are controlled by men or thugs and are present for sexual pleasure and little else. With this attitude prevailing in the youth of America, a women’s self-defense is important to prove that a woman can take care of herself and not become of a young man’s desire for sexual violence. Night clubs and discos have become a hunting ground for men of low character who are looking for easy sex without the benefit of honor or self-restraint. A women who has taken women’s self-defense classes can stop an attack by an unwanted Romeo or at least hold back the attack until she gets help.

Today’s society is a dangerous place for a lady. Every time she walks across an abandoned parking lot at the local supermarket or walks into the parking garage at night to get in her car, she is endanger of being attacked for reasons of sex or money. Women need women’s self-defense classes to give her the confidence that she can defend herself and can rely independently upon herself. Twenty years ago it was not that important to take women’s self-defense courses. Your father, brother, husband, or boy friend would protect you from the evils of society. Today a woman does not have that luxury because of lifestyle changes and the changes within our society.

Taking a women’s self-defense course is the best advice that you can take to save your processions, your womanhood, and you or your children’s life.

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