The Spiritually Liberated Woman: An artistic rendition.

The Spiritually Liberated Woman: An artistic rendition.

What is within, sitting dormant and waiting to be ignited?

She answers softly “Me”

What is your soul craving, yearning and desiring for?

She answers “creation and connection”

Have you been waiting to be ignited and awakened to all aspects of yourself, the totality of all of you?

How many times have you wanted to scream NO!, and your mouth said ‘yes’?. How many times have you wanted to YES FUCK YES!!!! ….and your mouth said nothing???  Rise up sisters and take a stand for your passions, whatever those may be.  Too often we allow ourselves to be buried in the identity coffins of girlfriend, wife, mother, and nursemaid.

Are you living a life that is needing some air blown on your almost extinguished embers?  Or do you simply need a little swift ‘puff’ to ignite that fire back into your life?  Join me for an exploratory adventure of shameless eroticism.

Sacred Embodiment is our birthright.  Our body is a masterpiece of beauty in all its various forms, sizes, desires.  All the nerve endings in all those places we cover up and hide from the world and touch silently privately in the shower late at night. The beauty of this masterpiece is that they can never be completely silenced or “turned off”.  The collaboration of each of our stories, histories, dreams, desires and bodies is wildly unique. How do we get to a space where all of these parts of ourselves are realized…….exposed…….stimulated and made to explode into our outside realities

Our sexual energy is the most potent, creative and powerful thing we can ever tap into and harness.  Why? Because when we live following our own compass of what feels authentic in OUR body, we create a life of freedom and extreme pleasure that comes from both the body and the mind.  The “flow” of our stimulated selves naturally occurs when we are aligned to the essence of our own creative forces.

Tapping into the raw truths of who you are, gives you access to ‘why’ you are here in the first place.  We are conscious beings with choice, let me repeat this in case it went over your heads WE ARE CONSCIOUS BEINGS WITH CHOICE!!!!  Are you here to explore all that is erotically possible or are you here just to service the desires of your partner?  Are you here to boldly go through life fully present and alive or are you here to “go silently into the night?” Are you here to change the world that you live in or are you the person who will be remembered merely as a loving wife and mother? Are you here to uplift others or are you here to augment your partner’s ego?  We all have our unique reason for being here, but I do know you are here to live your life by your own design according to your own compass.  And guess where that compass lives…. Within.  Living YOUR life affects the lives of those around you.  When you are living authentically and unapologetically you are operating from a place where life unfolds in ways you never thought possible.

So make the choice to become THAT. THAT is the whole of you….. the lover, the dominatrix, the submissive, the courtesan or whatever expression you need to feel free both sexually and emotionally.

Come and join us for a two hour exploration of what your body yearns for erotically. THIS IS NOT AN INVITATION TO DEVIANT OR EXPLOITATIVE BEHAVIOR. The container created will be one of absolute acceptance.  We will start to break the myths and shame carried by so many of us around acceptability of what is ok and not ok.  It will be completely PG13 with no genital nudity.

My name is Christine Borschneck.  I have been doing bodywork for over 2 decades, 12 of those years have been supporting people through trauma.  Once we’re no longer attached to the story of our trauma, our life force which was once consumed by the trauma flourishes and desires freedom.  We desire connection to the things that are important to us.  We wake up to dormant dreams, hope and goals.

Through community, we breath inspiration, excitement, shared experience, support into each others lives.  Your willingness to be seen opens you up to parts of yourself that may have never been heard and loved.

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