A beginner’s guide to relieving pain.

A beginner’s guide to relieving pain.

Using Over the Counter Pain Relief Products

With the many different pain relief products on the market today, many people choose to rely heavily on over the counter items. If you fall into that category, here are few things you should remember about using over the counter products.

Be wary of using several products at one time. Just as with prescription medication, over the counter products may work against one another. The combination may reduce the effectiveness of one or more of the products, and could possibly interact with one another in a manner that could be dangerous.

Over the counter products are not usually recommended for long-term treatment of an ailment. If you find yourself with frequent headaches, and the products you have been using don’t seem to do more than dull the pain, it is time to see a doctor. Most pain relief products come with instructions that indicate that prolonged use is not a good idea and many give a time frame of a couple days to a week for the products to work. After that, it is time to make an appointment with your primary care physician.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage on pain relief products. The directions are not given as general guidelines; they are specific instructions that should be followed to the letter, unless a qualified physician deems a change in dosage appropriate. Taking larger or more frequent doses could lead to more serious health problems than the one you are attempting to treat.

Above all, do not keep pain relief products around after the expiration date on the package. The products will not be very effective. Some pain relief products actually can cause problems if you continue to use them after they have expired. Do your self a favor and toss anything that has expired into the trash.

Over the counter pain relief products are very helpful for those little temporary aches and pains we all encounter. Use them with wisdom and know when the time comes to move on to seeing your doctor.

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Natural pain relief

So Many Natural Pain Relief Alternatives

Although slow to catch on, western culture is finally seeing the benefits to natural pain relief treatments. We rely far too much on over the counter medications or prescribed medicines and are now opening our eyes to the possibility of using natural pain relief methods.

Let’s use stomach pain as an example. When a person has a stomach it is because the lining of their stomach has been irritated and has become inflamed. There are so many medications that could be taken to deal with this problem. Some of them might even work or a person could mix a little aloe vera in juice, to hide its bitter taste, and swallow it. This natural pain relief alternative will work to make the pain and the inflammation go away. Aloe vera has been used for over three thousand years and has over a hundred active ingredients that can be used for natural pain relief

As a replacement for ibuprofen or whatever you may use as a pain reliever try boswellia. This herb will give you natural pain relief and will do a good job on headache pain. Menthol is another that can be used to replace those over the counter medications; it is a superior pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Depending on what you require for natural pain relief sage oil is another candidate. It is used to heal cuts and sores as it helps to stop the bleeding and diminish the inflammation. Eucalyptus oil is another of the essential oils that naturally cure. It can heal a cut, prevent infections and reduce fevers.

MSM is an excellent natural pain relief alternative. It is actually a form of organic sulfur and when spread on the skin it reduces swelling and irritation. It is good pain relievers and works with some of the most uncomfortable types of joint pain including arthritis and bursitis. It is also very good for the pain of strained muscles.

These are only a few of the hundreds of possible natural pain relief options that can be tried. They do not cost more than the methods that most people use now and will have less side effects and likely more positive effects than most of what we use now.

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