Meet the Owners of Ecstatic Dance LA

Exercise, Party, Healing and Community all wrapped up into one.

Late last year I had the honor of meeting two of the most enthusiastic young men. Atasiea and Robin are the proud owners of Ecstatic Dance LA and they are full of life. These guys have been tearing up the Ecstatic Dance scene in California and we are pleased to give them the editorial coverage they deserve.
Let’s meet them shall we:


Robin Parrish is the co-founder and managing director of Ecstatic Dance LA, a thriving free-from dance community in Los Angeles. He is an avid educator, events specialist, training consultant and passionate community leader. With a diverse background in theatre, music, education, corporate events and marketing, Robin’s approach is one that pairs creative vision and expression with diligent execution.

Robin’s passion in life is in creating experiences that evoke transformation and inspiration in others.He is an advocate for health and wellness and the primary Teaching Artist at TheatrePLAY in Los Angeles – a company that brings team building, mindfulness and public speaking to elementary schools through theatrical workshops and experiences.

Originally from the Cotswolds in England, he grew up immersed in the arts and music scene and developed a keen interest in live performance, event production and community development. He is a classically trained actor, experienced percussionist, DJ, musician and sound healer.

Atasieā Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson:

Co-founder / Spiritual Director/ Resident Movement & Healing Arts Facilitator Atasieā- is pronounced – (‘ah-tah-see-ay’), and it means- ‘Oneness’. Atasieā (a.k.a. Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson) is a Reiki Master, Bodyworker, Yoga Instructor, Minister, Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Professional Actor, Dancer, and Martial Artist. He is also the Co-founder, Resident Movement Facilitator, and Healing Arts Practitioner of Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles- an all ages, freeform dance gathering with yoga, sound healing, live djs, vegan food, and hands on healing.

He was born & raised in Oakland, California, and trained in Los Angeles, and the United Kingdom. He resides in Echo Park LA, where he runs Angelic Presence Healing doing massage, energy healing, yoga instruction, intuitive readings, and spiritual guidance counseling. As a healer, he provides physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual support to all people through energywork, bodywork, channeling, conscious dance, and ceremonial facilitation.

About EDLA:

Ecstatic Dance LA weaves together world class DJs, immersive sound journeys and free-form dance. It’s a drug & alcohol free, all ages community celebration where you can simply BE yourself and experience inspiration through human connection, dance & music.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to facilitate the regular practice of Ecstatic Dance in Los Angeles, while spreading awareness of the health benefits of its elements -(mindfulness, yoga, uplifting music & improvisational dance), and increasing Ecstatic Dance’s accessibility to larger numbers of people across a diverse spectrum of communities locally and worldwide.

We strive to hold a space where all people can raise their consciousness through dance. Through the mediums of music, movement, and intention we build a community centered in celebration of the ‘good things in life’: banging beats, beautiful people (inside and out), play, healthy food, yoga, dance, healing touch & sound, sacred space, and silliness.

Our intention:

Our intention is to develop Ecstatic Dance LA into a larger business enterprise that functions as a freeform dance event production company, as well as a health & wellness institution that provides educational & personal development opportunities (aka healing programs) that facilitate embodied transformation through creative expression, community experiences, media, trainings, retreats, and special events.

The Ecstatic Dance Community


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