What is Sacred Sexuality Anyway???

Before you guys even read this Article, please experience the above meditation by Juliette and our friends in the UK. Sex Magick is a real thing and this article will explore how you can make it a part of your life.

The “S” Word.
We all know it…. Most of us do it. But please don’t speak about it or else other people will know that you do it!!!!

So SEXUALITY in general has not gotten out of the Victorian era. For most people, their experience and their knowledge about the subject varies from uncomfortably shy to complete ignorance and belief in the superiority of their sexual prowess. If you fall on this spectrum then the following article will definitely get a rise out of you (all puns intended)

When one speaks about sacredness in the context of sexuality, it usually conjures images of some over-the-top feminist figure running naked in the forest speaking about embodiment and being in the now or some such drivel.

The truth is every aspect of our experience as happy humans on the planet should begin with the discussion of what is sacred.

For our purposes we define sacredness as that aspect of mental and psycho-spiritual reconstitution in which individuals perceive themselves and their actions as being part of a larger picture and construct. To experience sacredness is to experience connection to something that is more than just your mind or your body- to be part of the whole that is existence.

If you are a student of sexuality like we all are eventually (even if we are celibate) , then you have two main choices when it comes to sexual intercourse.

The first is to perceive sex as part of the whole so every sensation, every small pleasure is integrated with you, your partner and the universe. To be clear this is sex magick in practice. where your orgasm becomes the generator for higher things and a connection to the divine….. your prayer to the universe in gratitude for giving you such a wonderful vehicle to experience these delights

The second option is to remain body-centered and orgasm focused and live in the moment of actualizing a body function for the purposes of procreation. Things need to be pulled out and stuck in places and swilred around until something happens.

How do these two comparisons feel to you? How does your body feel reading them? Which of these best describes your sex life at present?If you fall in the latter category and you wish to move to the former, here are a few tips for getting there.

1. Set the mood. Your bed is the alter. It is the place where sacrifices of love, body and will are made. It is the pyre of lust upon which your body and your partners body must burn. Please take care of your alter by decorating it, by implementing the measures which will enhance the ceremony which is to be performed there.

2. Connect to source and then connect to the other. Please do not come to the magickal ceremony thinking about your grocery list. It is disrespectful to the gods who will be witnessing this rite and they will not grant you the boons which you are soliciting. Be focused and full of intent. Produce a spectacle that even the gods themselves will marvel at.

3. The heights of heaven and the depths of hell are two sides of the same coin. Let it out!!!! Scream, curse, scratch, bite. Let the energy out into the universe that your body has been storing. In this space, good girls or bad girls do not exist!!! The virgin, the whore, the adultress and the seductress are the same and are one. BE FREE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!

This is sacredness. This is what the universe craves for us as sexual beings. to experience the fullness of experience with the other and with the self, without boundaries without limits and in the spirit of connecting to higher things.

Should you require further instructions on how to create a more sacred space for conducting a loving relationship, consider joining the Heart Samadhi Family at www.heartsamadhi.com.

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