Spiritual Prejudice: How Earth Religions became stigmatized.

Spiritual Prejudice: How Earth Religions became stigmatized.

Let me ask you a question. 

When you hear the word witches, what is the image that come into your mind?

Is it women with pointy hats and broomsticks dancing around a fire?

Let me ask you another question.

When you think of Santeria or Voodoo what comes to mind then?

Is it scantily clothed medicine men with feathers biting off the heads of chickens and sticking pins in dolls?

OK then we are on the same page, albeit the wrong page. When I thought of writing this article, I thought of the number of misconceptions which the world has of the religions which have now been affectionately called (Sarcastic) earth religions. 

There is a lot to unpack here so I will deal with dispelling the myths one by one in the hopes of bringing some clarity to this discussion

Myth One: Earth Religions deal with the devil and other negative forces

I supposed the direct answer to this one would be to ask “Are all catholic priests pedophiles? Because if they aren’t then the same holds true for real practitioners of sacred craft. There is a possibility that not all of them are working with satan and his minions

Myth Two: Earth religions practice debauchery and unsavoury sexual activity.

If by debauchery you mean good sex then yes I would have to say guilty as charged and this is because the exploration of the body without shame is ingrained into the ethos of these spiritual practices. On the other hand the practice of Sex magick through rituals can be one of the most beautiful and connecting experiences  you may have the fortune to witness.

Myth Three: Earth religions are spooky and deal with the death and human and animal sacrifice

I actually deferred to friends of mine who are followers of the “old ways” to tell me when was the last time they sacrificed  someone. The result was absolute laughter and a simple question as to when was the last time someone killed in the name of any of the canonical religions. Yeah! that was yesterday….so established religions billions, earth religions less than a hundred in the last century. But who’s keeping the murder score right?

Modern day depiction of a witch shows inaccuracies

I think we get the point. History is written by the oppressors and not the victims. It matters not what the truth is as long as there is no one around to tell it. This was the ethos behind a lot of the brutality against these minority religions like Wicca and the Orisha religions in Africa. The powerful and the armed determined that these religions were to be relegated to the areas of obscurity and the shadows due to their differences with what was established and since the powerful had a voice what became truth was the truth of the powerful voice.

Now this has been the case for centuries now and it has finally showed signs of changing due to this new and fantastical free agent tool we call the internet where information is becoming more accessible to the ignorant who would have before only had to rely on established news media which is basically the propaganda of the powerful.

We live in an age where witches look just like us and are not scary supernatural evil creatures that ride on broomsticks, Santeria is practiced in community groups in the open and there are open stores in your neighbourhood supplying the implements of your worship and craft.

The demonization and the otherness does not have appeared to have worked long term for the “writers of the story” and I am quite certain that this would hav been a huge inconvenience for them which is why they have opted to exert control and influence through other means such as hogging political, military and judicial powers in most countries.

Regardless, we have come really far in our journey as a human race and I think despite signs to the contrary in the United States for example, people are becoming more aware of how they have been controlled by the narratives of the dishonest.

My advice to the readers of this article is to go out and not only educate yourselves on the history of these Earth Religions if you feel so inclined but to also go out and actually attend their activities and speak with them as a matter of fact finding.

I think what you will discover is that they are not ready to sacrifice you right off the bat and that most of them are quite intelligent. I think you will also discover that your immortal soul won’t actually catch fire and burn just because you are in their presence as you may have thought in the past.

Saying that you are “woke” and free is not the same as being free, so go find out YOUR truth your way and give these guys a chance the next time you meet a practitioner of the craft of the wise.

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