Vacation Packages: The new way to vacation.

Vacation Packages: The new way to vacation.

More and more tourists are choosing the option of purchasing vacation packages rather than the more traditional vacation options. There are, of course, both pros and cons to choosing vacation packages. The majority seem to be pros making this type of vacation worthwhile for you, the consumer.

In the past, tourists would simply book a flight and, if they were lucky, a hotel room could also be reserved through their travel agent. This has become less and less rare over the years and has proven beneficial to everyone as better service is given (as tourism agents are hesitant to book their clients with hotels and resorts that have gained ill repute over the years). Moreover, the hotel gains favor and financial reward, and the tourism agent earns a commission. As time has gone by, this arrangement has taken on more complex forms in which “the extras” of going on holiday (such as sight-seeing tours) have also been pre-arranged and pre-paid.

While they can be a bit pricey at times, vacation packages allow you to do less running around and more relaxing and enjoying of the fun and sun. This means not having to use your own time to learn the prices and equipment required for different activities. Some of the activities get a bit expensive and time-consuming. Hiring taxis or renting a car, renting snorkels, fins, or other accessories for an activity – these are not exactly what you want to be doing during your time away from home and work.

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With vacation packages everything is already arranged for and pre-paid, meaning that even if the worst should happen and you are robbed or lose your money, you can still take the kids to the observatory, go whale watching, or skiing, see the sights, or whatever your pleasure.

When broken down to their specifics, vacation packages often prove affordable as a price reduction is often given for such deals. This benefits the merchants and owners of such tourist businesses and also benefits the consumer.

Of course, getting a vacation package is not absolutely essential; many people enjoy fine, even remarkable holiday breaks without them. For the more daring and industrious, the convenience of a vacation package isn’t necessary. If, for instance, you’re not afraid to haggle for the price of services, you may indeed save yourself quite a few pennies.

Sadly, most people from the United States and Europe have lost this ability to bargain effectively as our markets set prices for goods that can’t be changed by negotiation. In many parts of Asia and South & Central America, the bargaining of prices is still a cultural norm in the markets and bazaars, and is even a source of pride for the vendors. Therefore, if you’re a salesperson or businessperson that is used to such negotiations, and you want to avoid paying for a vacation package, by all means, go for it.

In any event, vacation packages are undoubtedly here to stay. If you decide that this option is for you, a bit of advice: push it to the hilt. That is to say, try to enjoy as much as is offered (within reason) from the plan that your tourist agent assembles. Not only might you experience something so unique and memorable that you carry the experience with you throughout your life, but you may just make a friend or two on the way.

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The Pros And Cons Of Affordable Vacation Packages

Indeed, you must not travel if you cannot afford the same. Repressed enjoyment, after all, cannot really be considered as enjoyment. You must be willing to spend if you wish to make the most out of your vacation. This shouldnít be taken to mean that you should completely disregard being budget-conscious, however. Any savings you would be able to achieve can actually be used to fund other aspects of your trip. This is why affordable vacation packages are very much desired by most people.

There are a number of affordable vacation packages being offered in the market. Some of the companies offering the same are quite aggressive with their campaigns. You may have received a brochure through direct mail, or an email about the said subject, even when you didnít request to receive information about these vacation packages. Thatís how abundant they are.

The trick is in finding the best vacation package that would suit your needs, with regards to budget and inclusive options. To determine this, you would need to know about the pros and cons of affordable vacation packages being peddled in the market.


  • Affordable vacation packages are, well, affordable. There is always a vacation package that would accommodate any budget range. Some of them are even flexible, as you could change a few details here and there to save more cash, or to allocate a little more of your allotted finances.
  • Affordable vacation packages are easy to procure. And they are more convenient option as well, since they already include reservations for the trip, the accommodations, and even the tours you could take.
  • Affordable vacation packages can be availed of at a more discounted rate come the off peak season.


  • Affordable vacation packages, being cost-efficient, may not include the best amenities that would ensure a memorable trip. Such is a natural expectation every time we put a premium on price rather than the quality of the service, after all.
  • Affordable vacation packages are sometimes marketed in a deceitful manner. The price is advertised, but such would not include incidental expenses for applicable fees, like travel tax, travel insurance and the likes. Make sure that the price attached to these packages is all inclusive to avoid any confusion.
  • Affordable vacation packages can be quite restrictive. Though offers for the same are quite abundant, they usually include the same services and features. More choices are available for premium packages, but the budget ones would leave us with less.
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