The Blacklighter Rants On Coaching Training scams.

The Blacklighter Rants On Coaching Training scams.

Do you guys ever remember a time where the word or the title of “Coach” used to mean something????
I do! I remember the coaches who trained me in high school in sports with the greatest respect!!!
So when the new idea of “Life Coaching” came up a few years ago, I was all for the idea at 100%. Of course people face challenges and need someone to help them get out their stuck places .The idea seemed very logical.
But as of every good idea, It only takes a little time for someone or some organizations I should say to spoil the show.
So I thought I would take the time with the rant section of this publication to thoroughly expose the “Sham scam” which a lot of these organizations are ver guilty of being. I also want to put a little note to the reader that if you are considering attending a coaching training because you want to be a coach…… please, please, please do not waste you money on trainings which will bring you absolutely nowhere. So here is my list on what you should be looking for.


Anyone can put some ideas on paper and with a good desktop publisher their words can seem really pretty, but if they do not have the backing of a professional organization like the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists behind them, then I assure you that the piece of paper which you obtain from them will be worthless. I implore you guys to please pay attention to this concept. I have been reviewing esoteric groups and coaching methodologies a long time and I can tell you that some of these “Coaching” trainings are absolute scams aimed at extracting your hard earned cash from you.

2. The Price

Most of these programs with no accreditation are also brazen enough to charge exorbitant amounts of money. There are “Coaching” organizations which have levels which asked the candidate student to fork over $25,000 USD to become Master Coaches.

Let that sink in fo a minute

Clearly they are not coaching you on how to keep your money or how to have confidence. I have attended these trainings mmerely as an audit to see what is going on in the community but you can imagine my horror when I found out the actually price for these trainings. SOOOOOO. Just FYI guys, if you are going to spend that kind of money……just GO TO SCHOOL and become a licensed psychotherapist and Counselor. Why would you spend this amount of money on a piece of paper which is not recognized ANYWERE????!!!!

Beware of Multi-Level Coaching Certifications

Just FYI guys, if your Coaching certification cost more than 10,000 USD then chances are you are being scammed and should run for the hills. The going rate for NLP Coaching certifications is around 10,000USD and will teach you a hell of a lot more than a lot of these programs. Alternatively if you are more serious about becoming an adept professional clinician backed by certifying bodies check out the Baby Steps for Adults Coaching Certification found here.

3. Cults of Personality

Cue the eye roll here!!!!!

If you are pursuing a coaching certification which is built around ONE MAN or WOMAN, then I suggest to you that you may be the one who is in need of coaching.

It is amazing to me how people search for identity and are willing to absorb the belief systems of others especially with the advent of social media where a lot of these false Gurus have been exposed.

I have been to caching trainings where the participants are literally gushing over the main figure who is supposed to be impart some sacred wisdom which is usually a revamp from existing knowledge. So I suppose my plea here is to you the reader of this article to please, please, please hold on to your identity and protect it. If you find yourself continually purchasing upgrades to your coaching certifications and attending master classes continually all the while churning out money to your facilitator then believe me you are doing something INCREDIBLY WRONG to yourself and probably to your family financial situation as well.

Beware of Coaching Facilitators who set themselves up as Gurus

Note: Guys if you are going to spend this kind of money please go to a legitimate college or university to learn Counselling formally. Do not pay to inflate someone else’s ego .

4. Bogus Content

Sighhhhhh!!! I shouldn’t have to say that if your Coaching Trainer claims that angel came to him in a dream and told him how to counsel people, then the information might be suspect. But this is what many of these organizations run on nowadays with LOADS OF FOLLOWERS. Double SIghhhh. What is worse is that the organizations who run this sort of game on their patrons are usually the most expensive and respond to any arguments against their validity with attacks such as “you’re not there yet….you will get to that place of realization”.

Many Coaching Facilitations rely on their students exposing their feelings as a means of brainwashing them into becoming mindless followers.

Ummm. ok. Spirituality is supposed to theoretically make you more intelligent and more discerning so I personally hope I never “get there”.

Of course none of these training programs are regulated by any laws so they are free to scam to their hearts content all the while pretending to be carrying out some great purpose in this world. Final Sigh.

5. False sense of accomplishment

Let us not forget this final point which is the most important and that is a lot of the graduates of these programs go on to consider themselves as ultimately qualified to take on whatever mental health challenge that their “clients” are facing, which also includes suicidal tendencies to name the most obvious.

Ok the dangers of this should be obvious but WOW I know a lot of people are not going to get it and the arrogance which they carry from their coaching trainings will not allow them to recognize when they should refer troubled people to professionals who could actually save them.

Six months of doing a coaching seminar does not prepare you to handle suicidal clients

Do I need to state the obvious here?. A six months coaching certification does not equate to years of study as a mental health professional. So I am not going speak to the coaches here but to you the discerning client. When picking a life or sex coach, PLEASE ask for their credentials and then research where they have done their certifications. PLEASE check to see whether they are registered with any standards body or any international organizations which regulates the conduct of their profession. PLEASE pay attention to any belief system (BS) which they are trying to sell you in therapy and if their fees are more than going to a registered and licensed Psyhotherapist with years of legitimate study under their belt then PLEASE run away quickly.  As in the previous point DO NOT PAY TO INFLATE SOMEONE ELSE’S EGO.

Keep your money, keep your cash, keep your identity and stay within your own integrity. If you are a client who is facing serious life challenges please do not add to them by going to some coach with all the wrong moves on board. A lot of coaches have serious trouble keeping their own lives together and hence why they escape into the world of coaching for some sense of validation. Be careful everyone and Keep Safe!

In service

The Black Lighter

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